-]alw[- Community invites & Server rules

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-]alw[- Community invites & Server rules

Postby CurbShifter » July 2nd, 2012, 1:20 pm

-]alw[- Community invites & Server rules

So you want to be part of the -]alw[- community? Then you should read, understand and comply to the following rules:

The only way for us to know if you would be an asset to our clan is to get to know you. To be considered as a new clan member you should enter the [R] recuit team on our servers. (DM, DD, race) And be active here on our forum. You can create an account here

Recuitment tags [R]
Having recruit status [R] does not mean you are officially a member of -]alw[- ! It means that -]alw[- should recognize you and make an effort to get to know you. We tell people this ahead of time so that no one gets upset if they don't make it in. -]alw[- is part of a very large community, so we have decided to have our rookies perform a right of passage.

requirements to become -]alw[-
  • Participate in forum discussions to get to know all the -]alw[- members.
  • Search the forum before you post a new topic. Don't annoy the moderators by having to clean up your mess!
  • No spamming, make sure your posts are useful, funny or relevant to the -]alw[- community.
  • No racism
  • Have respect for all your fellow gamers. (respect is key and it goes both ways).
  • Read, understand and comply to the server rules. (shown below)
  • Be patient, Please do not ask any of the -]alw[- members to vote 'yes' for you! If you are in the Recruit team we will automatically consider you.
  • Remember, being a skilled player is great but just as important is getting along with the clan members and other players.

If you comply to minimum requirements:
You may post your details here to let us know you became a recruit.
  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Primary language spoken
  • Outside clan affiliation
  • -]alw[- member who may have referred you
  • Primary game of interest
  • Tell us about yourself and why you want to join our ranks.
The more you tell us about yourself, the better we can get to know you.

Server Rules - all players
These are rules set forth for both regular players and -]alw[- members

[list][*]Don't be a a jerk, racist, or unfair gamer.
[*]No hacking / No Cheating
[*]No impersonating an admin, -]alw[- member, or anyone. This is a perma-ban offense.
[*]No racist names or language
[*]Report any technical problems with the servers to a clan member.[/list]

ie. If for some reason a bug or leak is found in the gaming system and players or members are caught abusing that bug/leak. Those players will be warned. If they do not stop they will be banned.

Non ghosted racing
Normally in MTA gameplay ramming is bound to happen and is an inherent part of the game. So there is no rule against ramming, however; it is appreciated that people on the server not ram on purpose, with the intent to screw someone over unless the map was designed that way. Example, if someone joins the server and decides he doesn't really want to participate in race and just wants to be a jack off and ram into people for no reason, specially on straights: he will be kicked. So no driving backwards unless the race map was designed for this. And no Purposely blocking doors, ramps, or paths unless the map was designed for this in some fashion.

Server Rules - -]alw[- members & recruits
The following rules are for our -]alw[- admins and game server moderators:

A community
We are a community of gamers that come together to help -]alw[- grow and prosper. That being said, members should regularly check the forum for clan news and updates so that they are kept in the loop. You can help the clan grow by joining in on discussions and voicing your concerns and opinions about how the server and overall clan layout is formed.

Have Respect
Remain respectful with all gamers in our servers, but as well on other servers. We would like the clan's reputation to be held highly. We don't want any shame to befall the -]alw[- tag which we are all wearing. Any action you take is on the behalf of all of us.

No cursing or fights
Please refrain from cursing at players, no matter how pissed you might be at them! Be the bigger person. No one wants to play on a server with hostile admins or play in a hostile environment. -]alw[- members will not insult or make an attempt to humiliate or demean any player on our servers or forum, unless it is friendly teasing. We want the -]alw[- community to be the most welcoming and positive an environment possible. So any admin who is suspected of verbal abuse will be muted, or if abusing admin power will have that power revoked.

Give warnings
A polite warning should be given before using mutes, kicks or freezes. If an issue continues then the player will be disciplined. Under no circumstances are admins permitted to threaten a ban for any reason. A ban is only warranted if someone is hacking and hackers get no warnings.

A player with offensive names that are racist or otherwise threatening should be asked to have their names changed. These players must be warned and kicked if they refuse. If they continue to join the server with a racist name, you may warn them of an impending ban and apply one if it persists. Example: hitler, Nword.
Anyone who uses an -]alw[- tag without permission must be warned and if he refuses to remove the tag; do it yourself (set nick) and/or kick them, if the issue persists ban them.

map playlists
Please don't change a map during the middle of a map unless everyone on the server agrees with this. /votemap is allowed at any time. Majority rules, so the majority want the map changed if it wins.
Please do not /redo a map unless everyone agrees with it, or simply do /voteredo. If it didnt pass and they really want to play it again: tell them to buy it, the shop system isn't there for nothing.

No service for you
Last but not least; The -]alw[- community reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. We are a family and if members have issues with someone then the community will take a vote into account. Which will first be discussed with the elders of the clan.

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