SiK - Down The Road (DTR) Race tournament

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SiK - Down The Road (DTR) Race tournament

Postby FuZ » August 26th, 2013, 6:09 am



Group Stage: 8 groups with 8 players in each. 6 maps for each group. All players race together. We will define score system. 4 best advance.

Group Stage 2: 8 groups with 4 players in each. 3 maps. 2 best advance into play-off

1/8 1/4 etc. are 1vs1 matches, players race on 2 maps, if score is 1:1 then they race on third map


-If your opponent times out during the race , be fairplay and don't count that map .
-Hacks / car mods , textures , custom handlings not allowed .
-Maximum 8 players from each clan allowed.
-Quarter /semifinal / final matches MUST be played on this server :
-Clanless players are welcome to play too

Referees : [SiK]FuZ , [SiK]reLax , [SiKr]Evolution , [SiK]ZaXeR (map maker , he won't play)


MTA Nickname:
MTA Serial:

To know your serial press F8 in-game and type "serial" , copy the code which will appear there

If you havy any issues about the tournament or would like to report something contact me on skype : sagaris991

Target : 64 players

Registration : Link

REGISTRATION ENDS AT 9TH september ! 2nd september only if we reach 64 players in time
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Re: SiK - Down The Road (DTR) Race tournament

Postby AcidbRain » September 3rd, 2013, 6:20 pm

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